Bitcoin Future (BFDC)

Bitcoin Future (BFDC) is a cryptocurrency that has been developed on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), a blockchain platform known for its speed and efficiency. As a cryptocurrency, BFDC shares some similarities with the original Bitcoin (BTC), but it also has its unique features and purpose.

As a payment currency, BFDC holds great potential for the future. Its compatibility with the Binance Smart Chain allows for seamless integration with existing financial and decentralized applications, expanding its use cases beyond traditional payments. Here are a few key factors that may shape its future:

BFDC's Privileges


BFDC benefits from the security and trust that Bitcoin has garnered over the years. It leverages the power of the Bitcoin network, making it resistant to attacks and ensuring the safety of your assets.

High Speed & Low Fees

BSC is renowned for its fast transaction speeds and low fees. With BTDT, you can enjoy seamless transactions and interact with DeFi applications without the congestion and high gas fees often associated with other networks.

24/7 Support

The BFDC support team is ready to answer your questions at all times as a professional team. They provide 24/7 service.

BFDC Tokenomics



BDNC whitepaper

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